Modular Flushfloor Trunking System

DAVIS Modular Flushfloor Trunking System is designed for the distribution of power, voice and data services on the screeded floor, particularly where flexibility in the positioning of service outlets is required.

DAVIS  Modular Flushfloor Trunking System consists of three main components:
  • A Modular Flushfloor Trunking with a comprehensive range of accessories including, vertical access box, end cap and reducer.
  • A Service Outlet box within the body of the trunking which accepts a wide range of power, voice and data socket plates. This Service Outlet box can be located.
  • A comprehensive range of Junction Boxes including ‘tee’,  ‘elbow’ and ‘cross’ types, all supplied complete with flyovers at any position along the length of the trunking run.
Featured Benefits
  • Constructed from pre-galvanized steel sheets in accordance with BS 4678 : Part 2, BS EN 50085-2-2 & IEC 61084-2-2.
  • Trap & frame tested to withstand 4.5kN concentrated load.Trunking tested to withstand 30kN concentrated load. 
  • Modular design features to ensure a fast and simple installation.
  • Designed to support CAT 6 structured cabling systems.
  • Suitable for screeded depth 60mm and above.
  • Floorboxes are IP30 rated in accordance with BS EN 60529.
  • Trunking is supplied in 1.22 meter lengths with 2 or 3 compartments.
  • Each trunking comes with 3 separately fixed covers(each 406mm long) complete with flushed quick-fix fasteners for easy installation.
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3  compartment floor boxes.
  • Wide range of power and data accessories available to meet all requirements.

PDF Downloads
Modular Flushfloor Trunking System.pdf